Exercise physiology

Exercise support for NDIS participants

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Looking for support to improve your strength, mobility and confidence?

Our exercise physiologists help NDIS participants to enjoy improved health and wellbeing with customised exercise programs individually tailored to their specific needs.

As a strengths-focused service, we work with you to build on your existing skills, knowledge and abilities so you can develop new long-term habits that help you lead a more active lifestyle and achieve your healthy living goals.

We provide exercise support to individuals managing conditions related to disability including chronic pain, diabetes, heart or kidney issues, bowel issues or mental health concerns.

We believe in a collaborative approach to care. Our exercise physiologists work with other people in your support network, including healthcare professionals, therapists, and NDIS coordinators, to ensure an integrated approach to your wellbeing.

By working together, we can maximize the effectiveness of your support and help you meet your goals.

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What to expect

Our exercise physiologists will work with you to create an effective exercise program customised to your specific needs, preferences and goals. Our exercise programs are designed to be safe, enjoyable and easy to practice on your own, or with help from a support person.

  • Build strength and fitness

    Improve your cardiovascular fitness and build a stronger, more versatile body.

  • Improve mobility and independence

    Achieve greater independence, with improved mobility and physical function.

  • Manage chronic conditions

    Learn new skills to effectively self-manage your condition.

  • Improve your confidence

    Improve your confidence and capacity to participate in the community.

Accessing this service

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for NDIS exercise physiology services, you must:

  • Be aged 12 years and over.
  • Be registered with the NDIS.
  • Have the support categories, Improved Health and Wellbeing or Improved Daily Living, included in your plan.

Who are the staff?

This service is provided by highly qualified exercise physiologists.

How to get started

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Meet the team

At Sonder, our NDIS services are delivered by a dedicated and diverse team of experienced professionals who are deeply passionate about providing high quality support. With a wide array of expertise, our team is committed to empowering you to achieve your goals and living your best life.