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Sonder introduces NDIS dietetics and exercise physiology services

Sonder introduces NDIS dietetics and exercise physiology services

Sonder is pleased to announce the launch of new, innovative NDIS Plus services aimed at empowering NDIS participants to reach their healthy lifestyle goals.

Reach your goals with personalised nutrition support

Sonder’s highly experienced dietitians provide one-on-one guidance and support to help NDIS participants enjoy improved health and wellbeing.

By developing personalised meal plans, conducting assessments, delivering invaluable nutritional education, and offering ongoing assistance, our dietitians empower participants to make sustainable and balanced choices that pave the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Cecilia Leung, one of our passionate dietitians, highlights the essence of their approach, stating,

As dietitians, our primary focus is to forge meaningful connections with people and understand their individual knowledge, skills and experiences around food and eating. By recognising and building on their unique strengths, we aim to help them gain a deeper understanding of their nutritional needs, so they can develop healthier eating habits that help them to achieve their goals.

Our dietitians provide support to individuals managing conditions related to disability including diabetes, heart or kidney issues, bowel issues or mental health concerns.

This service is available for NDIS participants aged 12+ years with NDIS plans that include funding for the support categories, Improved Health and Wellbeing, Improved Daily Living, or Assistance with Daily Life.

Improve your strength, mobility and confidence with exercise physiology

As part of our holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Sonder is proud to introduce our new one-on-one exercise physiology service. Led by experienced and accredited exercise physiologists, this specialised service is designed to support NDIS participants in managing chronic conditions, improving functional capacity, strength, mobility, independence, confidence, and overall wellbeing, all through carefully targeted and tailored exercise.

Our compassionate exercise physiologists work with participants to create effective exercise programs, customised to their specific needs, preferences, and goals. These programs are designed to be safe, enjoyable, and easy to practice independently or with help from a support person.

At Sonder, we believe in a collaborative approach to health and wellbeing. Our exercise physiologists work closely with others involved in the participant’s support network, including healthcare professionals, therapists, and support coordinators to ensure an integrated and holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. By working together, we aim to maximise the effectiveness of their support and help them to reach their goals.

Our NDIS exercise physiology service is available for NDIS participants aged 12+ years with NDIS plans that include funding for the support categories, Improved Health and Wellbeing or Improved Daily Living.

Get in touch today and start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle

Sonder’s exercise physiologists and dietitians offer services across multiple locations in South Australia, ensuring convenience for every participant. Whether it’s at one of Sonder’s centers, a local gym, a pool, or any other community-based setting, we are committed to providing accessible and inclusive support.

Visit Sonder’s website to learn more about our dietitian and exercise physiology services and the benefits they offer.

To learn more about Sonder’s NDIS dietitian services, visit sonder.net.au/dietetics

For additional information on Sonder’s NDIS exercise physiology services, visit sonder.net.au/exercise-physiology

To get in touch with our friendly team, call 1800 717 676 or email ndisenquiry@sonder.net.au