Quality Improvement

Building, maintaing and supporting a culture of continuous quality improvement

The Quality, Risk and Safety (QRS) Committee is an internal working group which aims to build, maintain and support a culture of continuous quality improvement and a proactive and responsive approach to risk management and work health and safety at Sonder.

The QRS Committee leads and coordinates an internal audit program to reinforce Sonder’s commitment to continuous quality improvement. The committee also provides a direct and formal communication channel regarding quality, risk and safety at Sonder between staff, their coordinators and executive management.

The QRS committee implements systematic reviews of all Sonder policies and procedures. Sonder’s process for development and review of policy and procedure is a circular process – from the initial stages of identifying a gap through to implementation of an approved policy and procedure and subsequent reviews to ensure currency of the policy and procedure.

To ensure a consistent and coordinated approach to policy and procedure development and review at Sonder, a staged approach is followed. Stage one – needs analysis, the process of identifying a gap by a change of internal or external factors, or as a result of a regular review of the policy or procedure. Stage two – consultation and drafting of the policy or procedure, this is facilitated by the quality risk and safety committee. Stage three – authorisation of the policy. Stage four, communication and implementation, ensuring all employees of Sonder are aware of the policy or procedure. Stage five, maintenance and monitoring of Sonder policies and procedures with the Quality Risk and Safety Committee utilising the Policy Review Matrix.

Sonder is committed to the active promotion of Work Health and Safety (WHS) standards for all employees. The QRS Committee monitor Sonder’s WHS site inspection and incident reporting processes, with the Health and Saftety Representative an active member of the committee. Sonder endorses the South Australia government’s Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 and accepts its responsibility in accordance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2012, requiring employers to provide and maintain a safe working environment, safe systems of work and adequate welfare facilities

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