Help shape the future of primary health care in South Australia

Sonder has a long and reputable history of providing support and advocacy for primary health care in South Australia.

Our membership packages are available for professionals working in primary health care, including but not exclusive to General Practitioners, Practice Managers, Allied Health Professionals and Practice Nurses.

Membership renewal

At our most recent Annual General Meeting held on 4th November 2023, a number of proposed amendments to the Sonder Constitution were passed by our Primary Members.

One proposal was that a Member will be deemed to have resigned as a Member of Sonder if the Member does not respond to a request from the Company Secretary for the Member to confirm that he or she wishes to remain a Member.

Pursuant to clause 5.2 of the Constitution, we request confirmation from Members in writing that you wish to remain a Member of Sonder.

By renewing your Membership with Sonder this helps to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our Membership database.

To confirm your membership, please complete the applicable form below:

Hard copy versions of the forms are also available for download at the bottom of this webpage.

Please note that if we do not receive confirmation that you wish to remain a Member of Sonder by Friday 5th April 2024 your membership will be automatically terminated.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Sonder’s Secretary, Mr Sageran Naidoo or Sonder’s Executive Assistant, Emma Rosie, on 08 8209 0700.

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