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Stay healthy for your mob with care from Sonder

Stay healthy for your mob with care from Sonder

Sonder is committed to ensuring the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community in South Australia has access to health services that are effective, high-quality and above all, culturally safe.

In addition to helping Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people manage chronic disease via Sonder’s Closing the Gap – Integrated Team Care program, Sonder also has a team of Aboriginal Health Practitioners who work with GP clinics to make sure Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients are receiving the right care, support and advocacy when they have a 715 Aboriginal Health Check.

The annual health check is designed to support the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients of all ages.

Staying on top of your health is important and ensuring you have a regular health check can keep your health heading in the right direction. A health check can help to prevent small health problems becoming big ones by identifying potential illnesses or chronic diseases before they occur. Without knowing these things, your health might get worse and this is not good for you, your family or community.

Sonder’s 715 General Practice Support team are currently working with Westwood Medical Centre, Grand Health Medical and Virginia Medical Centre, which means these practices are already providing better care to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients.


Shaun and Holly from Sonder's 715 General Practice Support Program
Shaun and Holly, 715 General Practice Support Program team members


Meet the team

Shaun, Holly and Krystal are Aboriginal Health Practitioners working in Sonder’s 715 GPS program.

So far, the team have helped 43 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to complete their 715 Aboriginal Heath Check.

Aboriginal people of all ages can get a free health check every 9 months. During the health check, you can discuss any health and wellbeing concerns and get help to prevent medical conditions from developing or becoming worse.


Why you should book your health check now!

There is more than one benefit to having your 715 Aboriginal Health Check. A regular health check will not only improve your physical health, it can also help your social and emotional wellbeing too!

For example, Amy recently got in touch with Sonder and was connected to Shaun (715 GPS Team Leader) to book a 715 Aboriginal Health Check. Amy’s health was not at a good stage as she was dealing with multiple chronic diseases as well as experiencing homelessness.

At Amy’s appointment, Shaun and the GP were able to help her make a plan to improve her health concerns. She was referred to an agency which helped her to get short-term accommodation and also a culturally safe mental health service where Amy is now receiving the support she needs.

Today, Amy is in a much more positive place, mentally and physically, all thanks to a 715 Aboriginal Health Check.

When you complete your health check with Sonder’s 715 team, you will receive a free t-shirt. We have sizes available for adults, young people and children. Yes, you will be looking deadly after your appointment!

How do I book my appointment?

To book in for a 715 Aboriginal Health Check and receive a free t-shirt, give Sonder a call on (08) 8209 0700 and speak to Shaun, Holly or Krystal.

We can book you in for a health check at a clinic near you – so you can make steps to improve your health and stay strong for your family and community!

To find out more about 715 Health Checks and why they are important visit our webpage – 715 Aboriginal Health Check

Are you working in a general practice and seeking to improve your capacity to provide culturally safe care?

Register your interest to take part in Sonder’s 715 General Practice Support program which offers support and mentoring for general practices to increase the uptake of 715 Aboriginal Health Checks.

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715 General Practice Support is a program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.