headspace Early Psychosis

Expert support for young people who are experiencing an early episode of psychosis or are at risk of developing psychosis.

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Psychosis is an experience where a person has problems interpreting the world around them.

They might see or hear things that other people can’t or have unusual ideas or beliefs.

It can be frightening and often misunderstood, turning a young person’s world upside down.

Psychosis can be treated and with support through the headspace Early Psychosis program a young person can get back to leading the life they choose.

If you think you or a young person you know has symptoms of psychosis, seek help from a GP or your local mental health service as soon as possible.

Young people can receive expert support via the headspace Early Psychosis program at headspace Adelaide.

What do we offer?

  • Support for your friends & family

    Famiy and friends can attend family meetings and group sessions to get support from other families with a young person experiencing psychosis.

  • Expert care team

    You'll work with a specialist case manager who will develop an individual treatment plan and provide support throughout the treatment.

  • Youth friendly environment

    Our headspace centres are youth-friendly and inviting.

  • Additional support

    You'll also have access to other support like creative therapy and social groups as well help with work or study.

Accessing this service

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for headspace, you must be:

  • Aged between 12-25;
  • Experiencing your first episode of psychosis or;
  • At risk of developing psychosis, including young people who are reporting a decline in functioning and a family history of psychosis, brief psychotic symptoms, or symptoms of psychosis at reduced intensity.

Who are the headspace Early Psychosis staff?

The Early Psychosis staff are specially trained to support young people with early psychosis and their families/carers.

The team includes Psychiatrists, Psychologists, General Practitioners, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Nurses, Vocational Guidance Counsellors, as well as a Family Peer Worker and Peer Workers.

How do I access the service?

You can refer to headspace Early Psychosis by calling headspace Adelaide on 1800 063 267. Alternatively, you can complete our Online Community Referral Form.

headspace Early Psychosis can accept referrals from any source, (including self-referral, family, friends, teachers, counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists and/or Psychiatrists). Young people and their families do not need a special referral to make contact with headspace Adelaide or the Early Psychosis program.

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If you, or someone you are with, are hurt or need immediate support, please call 000.

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Information for Health Professionals

Use the checklist to spot the signs and symptoms early and refer a young person at risk of developing psychosis

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This service is supported by funding from the Adelaide Primary Health Network through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.