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Your rights & responsibilities

You have a right to full participation in our services and decisions that impact you at all times.

Talking with your worker

When you first meet with your worker, it’s important that you discuss and clarify your rights, what you can expect from Sonder services and the way you and your worker will work together.

We expect that the relationship you have with your worker will grow into one of trust, respect and shared responsibility.

There are laws and standards protecting the rights of people receiving support. On top of this, Sonder has specific guidelines to make sure you get the best possible service.

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Your rights as a consumer

At Sonder, you have a right to:

  • Expect a professional and quality service from every person involved in your care.
  • Be listened to and have your concerns taken seriously without judgement.
  • Request to see a different worker and/or seek a second opinion.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable with anything during your treatment, it is ok to ask not to talk about it further.
  • Have equal access to services appropriate for their needs, age, race, gender, culture, sexuality, ability, location or circumstance.
  • Nominate to have (or not to have) others involved in your care.
  • Have your privacy and confidentiality protected.
  • Access your own health records.
  • Access advocacy and support services.

Your responsibilities as a consumer

At Sonder, you have the responsibility to:

  • Let us know if you don’t understand something or need extra help.
  • Be actively involved in any decisions made about your health or care at Sonder.
  • Keep to the commitments you have been involved in making.
  • Treat all staff members with respect. Aggressive and abusive behaviours will not be tolerated and will result in you not being able to access services through Sonder.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend your appointments by calling (08) 8209 0700.

Questions about your rights or responsibilities

If you have questions about your rights or responsibilities, talk to your worker or any Sonder team member.

How we handle your personal information

We collect personal information to help work out the support you need, to inform service delivery and to meet our funding requirements.

For information about Sonder’s privacy policies, view Sonder’s Privacy Collection Notice and Privacy Policy

Complaints & feedback

If you wish to make a complaint and do not feel comfortable talking about it with your worker, you can contact Sonder via phone on (08) 8209 0700 or email

A client experience survey is sent in December and June each year to clients who have accessed a service in the previous 6 months.

You have the option to complete it anonymously and at any time via this link.

The survey is also available in hard copy, on request.

If you are still not satisfied with the manner in which Sonder has handled a privacy complaint, you can contact or write to the Officer of the Australian Information Commissioner at or phone 1300 393 992.

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