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Sahisha’s Story

headspace Work & Study Client

At the time Sahisha was referred to headspace Work & Study, she was juggling two casual roles as a Party Host at a children’s indoor play centre and a Swimming Instructor. To Sahisha, these jobs felt like placeholders, leaving her yearning for something more fulfilling. On top of this, Sahisha grappled with mental health challenges that overshadowed her aspirations, leaving her lost and in need of some guidance and direction.

Through headspace Edinburgh North’s Work & Study program, Sahisha connected with Employment Specialist, Holly.

Sahisha engages in a fulfilling career in construction

Holly took the time to get to know Sahisha, helping her to feel heard and understood. Together, they explored different career options and set out to find a path for Sahisha that aligned with her aspirations and lifestyle.

Armed with a newly improved resume, the pair focused on building Sahisha’s social connections and communication skills as she engaged with prospective employers in the construction industry. Each interaction became a stepping stone, instilling in her a newfound sense of independence and maturity.

Through Renewal SA’s Works program, Holly secured a trial for Sahisha as a Labourer with construction company, Built MG. Throughout the trial, Sahisha demonstrated her competence and skills, and it was no surprise when this trial progressed into an offer of full-time employment.

Sahisha’s triumph over workplace challenges with support from her Employment Specialist

Having secured meaningful employment, Holly continued to provide Sahisha with on-the-job advice and support. Together, they navigated workplace challenges, including empowering Sahisha to disclose her mental health challenges and advocate for reasonable adjustments to be made in her employment conditions to better support her needs.

The impact of Sahisha’s journey with headspace Work & Study has been profound. Equipped with newfound confidence in her abilities and a sense of fulfilment, Sahisha has reduced her self-critical behaviours and has learned to celebrate every triumph, big or small.

Reflecting on her journey, Sahisha commented,

This program has helped me to narrow down who I am and what’s good for me. I’ve been able to chat and have fun but still get work done and feel ambitious in the end. The checking in was so helpful, on days it would feel like it saved my life.

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