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Mariam's Story

Mariam’s Story

Employment Solutions Client


Mariam entered the Employment Solutions program after Sonder visited her English class.

As an experienced cleaner, Mariam had no difficulty securing interviews, and simply needed extra guidance to pass the final stage.

With this mentoring, Mariam successfully secured a sought-after cleaning position in Academy Services based at Adelaide airport.

However, when COVID-19 reached Adelaide, Mariam found that her once essential role in the city’s travel hub was hit the hardest. Not only that, Mariam found herself having to relocate housing during this already stressful time.

As Mariam had been maintaining regular appointments with her Career Coach at Sonder, she was able to act promptly. Mariam’s Career Coach supported her to identify her rights as a part-time employee, enabling her to retain her position in Academy Services once airlines reopen.

In the meantime, Mariam’s Career Coach linked her with a range of housing support services, and advocated on her behalf with her landlord to ensure that her family had a safe place to live until they found another home.

Each week, Mariam and her Career Coach worked together to apply for other roles in the wake of COVID-19. Mariam is now happily settling into her new home, and continues to be a vital part of the workforce in a newly secured role in Spotless as a School Cleaner.

It has been a very difficult time for me during the pandemic, but when I see my Career Coach, she can tell when something is wrong. She would give me help to do lots of things.

Intensive ongoing vocational support and access to integrated wellbeing is a core feature of the Employment Solutions program model. The program provides clients with the resources to respond to issues as they arise, even after finding work.

At a time when industries have been hit with uncertainty, the ripple effects on the everyday lives and wellbeing of people have been immense, making this support more crucial than ever.

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