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Areefa's Story

Areefa’s Story

headspace Work & Study Client

While falling behind in her studies and experiencing pressures at home, Areefa struggled with her mental health. She deferred her architecture degree after having trouble with time management and didn’t see a path forward at university.

At the time, Areefa was working a casual retail job. Her long-term goal was to move out of her family home, but this was impossible with inconsistent pay checks. Areefa decided to seek support at headspace Edinburgh North. There, she began therapy and was also connected to Rose, Employment Specialist in the Work & Study program.

What support did Areefa’s Employment Specialist provide?

Rose took the time to understand what was going on in Areefa’s life. Together they made a plan for Areefa to find full-time work and get back into study.

Areefa applied for a Graduate Surveyor role at Port Adelaide Enfield Council. Rose helped Areefa to prepare for the interview and gave advice on the best ways to communicate in the workplace – and she got the job.

Support that goes the extra mile

With this incredible news came a challenge; Areefa had to complete a course in Construction Management to help her in her new role. However, the university was reluctant to accept Areefa’s enrollment as she had previously struggled with her studies.

Areefa asked for letters of support from Rose, her headspace worker and university counsellor which expressed how she had improved her time management and communication skills, as well as her mental health. After receiving the letters, the university immediately accepted Areefa’s enrolment.

Areefa is extremely grateful for the support from Rose, explaining,

Rose was extremely supportive of me and was understanding of all the things I have been through. When I’m uncomfortable asking questions, she’ll offer to ask for me and goes to great lengths to help me find the answers I need.

Areefa continues to receive support with headspace Work & Study

With a new job, financial stability and better mental health, Areefa looks forward to moving out of home. She’s still getting support from Rose when she needs it, and has her sights set on graduating from her studies.

Areefa’s advice to others experiencing similar struggles is, “take baby steps, home life can be so rough but try and reach out to get the support you need, don’t rush it and just go at your pace.”

Get job ready, today

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