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Sonder Offers In-Home Withdrawal Support for People with Substance Dependency

Clients are able to withdraw from alcohol or drug use in a safe, familiar and supportive home environment.

The consumption of alcohol and other drugs is a major cause of preventable disease and illness in Australia. Alcohol and other drug use is associated with a range of adverse health, social and economic impacts including family and domestic violence, mental health and financial burden.

Making the decision to stop using alcohol and or drugs can significantly improve an individual’s life. It can improve physical and mental wellbeing, reduce risk of permanent damage to vital organs, improve personal relationships, increase energy, improve sleep quality and help an individual to reconnect with their emotions.

When an individual chooses to reduce or stop alcohol and/or other drugs, their body goes through a withdrawal process. Patients with alcohol and/or drug dependency who wish to withdraw (detox) are often referred to over-burdened tertiary services, however it is possible to withdraw within the comfort on a home environment when the withdrawal symptoms are predicted to be mild to moderate in severity.

Sonder’s new In-Home Withdrawal Service offers support for people who wish to go through the withdrawal process.

The unique program is funded by the Federal Government Department of Health and provides clients with continuity of care, offering support from pre-care through to after-care.

Debby Kadarusman, AOD Service Team Leader explains clients are guided throughout the entire withdrawal process by a skilled team of Senior Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Clinical Workers and Peer Workers, with the client’s GP overseeing the care. In addition, clients are also supported by a family member or friend.

“During the pre-care stage, clients take part in an assessment and preparation process where we try to build their confidence and readiness for the withdrawal stage through providing education and counselling.”

“Clients will also have access to support from Peer Support Workers with lived experience who will be with them from the beginning of their journey,” Ms Kadarusman says.

Bonnee Nash, AOD Peer Support Worker explains “the therapeutic value of connecting with Peer Support Workers who share similar experiences and feelings has immense power for on-going recovery. Peer Support Workers can build rapport with clients quicker and easier which helps the clients to fasten their recovery journey.”

The withdrawal period lasts for 5-7 days with program staff providing daily in-home observation and monitoring, phone counselling and peer support in order to help clients to safely withdraw.

Withdrawal (detoxification) alone is not a cure for tolerance and dependence and without follow-up treatment, individuals are likely to relapse and start using alcohol or other drugs again.

Senior Practitioner, Sarah Short explains “following withdrawal, the program staff support the client with aftercare. This stage is focused on relapse prevention and goal maintenance. During which, our clients are provided with counselling, scheduled GP visits for follow-up health checks, and continued access to peer support.”

Sonder’s In-Home Withdrawal Service allows clients to withdraw from substances in a confidential, safe and familiar home environment with access to essential support from a skilled clinical team, ensuring a safe and successful withdrawal (detox).

How to access the program

Sonder’s In-Home Withdrawal Service is a free program and getting involved is easy.

Clients can be referred into the In-Home Withdrawal Service by calling Sonder on (08) 8209 0700 or by visiting their GP and having them complete a referral form for the service.

To be eligible for the program, individuals must:
•    Be over the age of 30;
•    Have low-moderate levels of substance dependence;
•    Live in the Playford or Port Adelaide Enfield LGA;
•    Have a supportive home environment with a support person who will live with them.

For further information, contact Sonder on (08) 8209 0700 or click here