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Sonder collaborates with Genea Fertility SA

Sonder collaborates with Genea Fertility SA

Fertility concerns have become increasingly prevalent, with 1 in 10 women diagnosed with endometriosis and a notable 40% decline in male fertility rates over the past 50 years. Recognising the impact of these factors on fertility, many are turning to their GPs to seek guidance and solutions.

Equipping healthcare professionals with the right tools and information is essential to support individuals navigating the complex landscape of fertility-related challenges. In a proactive response, Sonder collaborated with Genea Fertility SA to host a comprehensive series of professional development workshops throughout October and November.



About the fertility workshops

GPs, nurses, and allied health professionals gathered both at the Adelaide Pavilion and online to delve into a diverse array of stimulating topics. From recurrent miscarriage and genetic testing to male infertility, IVF techniques, and the effects of endometriosis on fertility, the workshops covered crucial aspects of fertility care.

The RACGP-accredited workshops featured experienced specialists from Genea Fertility SA, guiding participants through engaging case study analyses, interactive quizzes, and insightful question-and-answer sessions. These sessions not only provided a platform to discuss the latest treatments, medications, and technologies available but also facilitated a collaborative environment for sharing best practices amongst peers.

Sonder expresses gratitude to Genea Fertility SA for their invaluable partnership in working towards enhancing primary healthcare outcomes through the delivery of targeted professional development.



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Fertility workshops summary

Workshop 1

  • Dr Victoria Nisenblat: Exploring recurrent miscarriage
  • Rebecca Dickson: Pre-conception to pre-natal genetic testing: Reproductive carrier screening, PGT and NIPT

Workshop 2

  • Dr Michelle Wellman: To freeze or not to freeze – A new medical dilemma
  • Natalie Hesketh: Maximising IVF outcomes with science and technology

Workshop 3

  • Dr Bruno Radesic: Primary fertility investigations and male infertility
  • Dr Kate Gowling: How PCOS affects fertility and available options

Workshop 4

  • Dr Jodie Semmler: Exploring endometriosis and infertility
  • Dr Alex Hubczenko: Supporting complex fertility patients