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Private Practitioners

Considering a career change to private practice? Join the team at Sonder and unleah your potential

Looking for a fulfilling career and the opportunity to maximise your take home pay?

Join our team as a private practitioner and enjoy a wide range of exciting benefits

As part of our continued growth, Sonder is always on the lookout for professionally accredited Private Practitioners to complement our mental health service delivery.

This includes registered and clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, and mental health-accredited social workers.

Unleash your potential, enjoy dynamic working arrangements and diversify your clientele, all whilst within a multidisciplinary team committed to a recovery-orientated and trauma-informed approach.

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Why work with us as a private practitioner?

Sonder offers a range of unique benefits for private practitioners

  • Zero commission reductions

    Take home the entirety of MBS billable services.

  • No overhead costs

    Enjoy the perks of private practice without the burden of overhead expenses.

  • Steady client flow

    Support a continual stream of clients with a diverse range of needs, enriching your professional experience.

  • Claim 'Did Not Attend' (DNA)

    Ensure you’re compensated even when clients don’t attend scheduled appointments.

  • Flexible work arrangements

    Enjoy flexible work arrangements to support a positive work-life balance, including the option to provide Telehealth or in-person services.

  • Modern and welcoming spaces

    Make the most of our spacious, modern facilities and consult rooms.

  • Administrative support

    Including billing and appointment bookings, at no cost.

  • Professional development opportunities

    We invest in our employee’s growth and development with access to ongoing learning opportunities and resources.

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Ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

Email us at privatepractice@sonder.net.au to express your interest.

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