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Sonder announces phone system upgrade

Sonder announces phone system upgrade

We are excited to announce that Sonder has implemented an upgraded phone system, leveraging new technology to enhance your experience when contacting our organisation.

This upgraded system is designed to provide a seamless communication platform, streamline our operations, and ensure our staff feel connected while working across our various locations throughout South Australia.

Your feedback about our previous phone system has been invaluable. In direct response, we have made this upgrade to offer a smoother communication experience, reduce extended hold times, and prevent incorrect call transfers. This change reflects our commitment to continuously improving the support we provide to our clients.

This update is part of Sonder’s broader investment in system upgrades, including an integrated client management system, budgeting and payroll systems, HR system, and intranet. These enhancements are designed to ensure better integration of services across the organisation and improved support for our valued clients.

What is changing?

As part of our phone system upgrade, we have implemented new phone numbers for each of our locations, allowing you to directly contact the specific site where you need support.

To view the new phone numbers for each of our locations, please visit sonder.net.au/find-a-location

Please note that our menu prompts have changed. We encourage you to listen closely to ensure you are connected to the most appropriate team to handle your enquiry.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work to better serve our communities.