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Mullets for mental health

Business in the front, party at the back

Sonder is proud to support Zandra, Employment Specialist at headspace Edinburgh North, as she participates in Mullets for Mental Health, promoting awareness and raising much-needed funds for mental health research.

About the campaign

Mullets for Mental Health is a campaign brought to you by Black Dog Institute, Australia’s only medical research institute investigating mental health across the lifespan.

The campaign encourages Australians to shape and grow mullet hairstyles for one month.

Zandra will be one of over 5,000 participants sporting a mullet and supporting the cause.

“I decided to participate in the Mullets for Mental Health campaign because the promotion of mental health services has always been close to my heart.”

“Mental health services are making a difference in the lives of Australians every day.”

Raising funds for research can show that we value the knowledge and expertise behind the development of mental health services. Black Dog Institute is one of the integral organisations evaluating and improving these services.

The more understanding we have about mental health and the strategies that are most effective in treating it, the better mental health services can become.

“As a self-described nerd, I love the idea of the intersection between mental health services and the scientific evidence that prescribes how they are delivered to the community.”

What does a mullet have to do with mental health?

Black Dog Institute has been at the forefront of Mental Health research in Australia since 1985.

Mullets have also been at the forefront of Australia’s style and culture since the 1980’s.

Zandra explains, “There seems to be a stigma around having a mullet in this day and age. This isn’t too different from the stigma surrounding mental health. By showing my support through this campaign and through my mullet, I hope that I can help to normalise the experiences of mental health and encourage others to do the same.”

Chris Chalubek, Executive Manager, Mental Health & AOD at Sonder adds “It takes a lot of strength to ask for help when there is still so much stigma around mental illness, when the perceived messages are negative, then it’s hard not to withdraw. Campaigns like this and Zandra’s participation go a long way to supporting and promoting access to important mental health services, like Sonder.”

This year, the number of people experiencing anxiety and depression is only expected to rise.

Australian’s are accessing health services, in drastically different ways due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Organisations such as Black Dog Institute are integral to better understand the efficacy and possibilities of telehealth and other treatment approaches.

“I think having a mullet is a great conversation starter to talk about mental health research and the importance of raising awareness. Also mullets are cool and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

How can I donate?

If you would like to support Zandra to reach her goal of $1,500 before the end of September, visit her fundraising page.

Mental health services at Sonder

At Sonder, we are funded by the Adelaide and Country SA Primary Health Networks to deliver a wide variety of mental health services for all types of support needs.

Our friendly and professional Clinicians will assess your needs and then work with you to develop new strategies to manage symptoms so that you can begin to make changes in your life and improve your wellbeing.

To learn more about the mental health services available at Sonder, visit sonder.net.au/mental-health