Steps to getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan

Getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan is the first step to accessing Sonder's mental health programs

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Step 1

Book a double appointment with your GP (mental health appointments take a bit longer than a regular check-up)

If you don’t have a doctor you normally see, any GP can create a plan for you.

If you don’t have a regular GP, contact Sonder on (08) 8209 0700 or and we can put you in touch with some GPs in your local area. Alternatively, visit to find a health service near you.

Step 2

At your appointment, tell the doctor about your concerns about your mental health and that you are interested in getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Your doctor will ask you some more questions about your mental health and your goals for feeling better. Your doctor will also ask you if you have been having any thoughts about harming yourself. GPs are trained to ask these questions and understand how to help. Being open to these questions will help your GP and Sonder to provide you with the right type of care.

They will also ask you to fill out a questionnaire called a K-10+, which is a simple checklist that measures how you’ve been feeling lately.

Step 3

Your doctor will create a Mental Health Treatment Plan and refer you to an appropriate service provider.

Generally your GP will forward the referral directly to the service provider and you will not need to do anything until you are contacted. However, you may wish to take a copy of the Mental Health Treatment Plan with you for your own records.

To access certain Sonder services, your GP may need to first send your Mental Health Treatment Plan via the Head to Health Phone Service, which is not operated by Sonder. If you want to check on the status of your referral, the Head to Health Phone Service can be contacted on 1800 595 212.

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