Improve your balance and confidence with Steady Steps

Improve your balance and confidence with Steady Steps

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older Australians. Alarmingly, one in three older Australians experience a fall each month, with one in five requiring hospitalisation.

Even when falls do not cause injury, they can trigger a loss of confidence and lead to an ongoing fear of falling that adversely impacts daily life. This can have a snowballing effect, causing the individual to start limiting their movements and reducing their activity, which further increases the risk of falling.

Fortunately, with healthy habits, motivation, and an awareness of how to reduce risk, most falls can be prevented.

Recognising the significant impact that falls can have on the wellbeing of older Australians, Sonder is delighted to introduce Steady Steps, an innovative 8-week group exercise program specifically designed for individuals aged over 65 who feel unsteady on their feet, have experienced falls, or worry about falling.

Sonder’s Chief Executive Officer, Sageran Naidoo said the program is focused on supporting participants to improve their balance, stability, and confidence.

“Through engaging group exercise sessions and personalised plans, targeting specific needs and goals, our new program aims to empower participants to reclaim their independence and improve their overall wellbeing.”

“Beyond the physical health benefits, Steady Steps also fosters social connection. Throughout the 8-week journey with the program, participants have the opportunity to expand their social circles and meet some new friends.”

Steady Steps is facilitated by highly skilled and experienced exercise physiologists and allied health assistants who work together to ensure participants receive the best care and support.

The program is delivered from community fitness centres in Kadina, Gawler and Barossa, with the first program kicking off on Wednesday 7th February 2024 in Kadina.

How to access the service

Steady Steps is available for people aged over 65 who have a Home Care Package. If you do not have a Home Care Package, you can apply online at, or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

To get started with the program, individuals can ask their Home Care Provider or a health professional to make a referral to the program on their behalf.

Alternatively, you may self-refer by completing the enquiry form available at Once a referral is received, a Steady Steps team member will promptly get in touch.

More information

To learn more visit or speak to a Steady Steps team member by emailing or calling 08 8209 0710.