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Closing the Gap Day: Highlights video

Closing the Gap Day: Highlights video

Presented by Sonder and Nunkuwarrin Yunti, Closing the Gap Day is an annual event that celebrates First Nations cultures and promotes health equality.

With over 150 stalls to browse showcasing services that support the local community, the event raises awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ needs in the context of South Australia. It’s a day that brings people of all ages together to connect with a huge range of supports, from health and wellbeing to education and employment services.

Along with deadly live entertainment by First Nations performers, Closing the Gap Day features a range of activities for people of all ages including sports workshops, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health checks, traditional weaving demonstrations, and wellbeing education for young people.

Created by Edoardo Crismani, First Nations filmmaker, Sonder and Nunkuwarrin Yunti proudly present a video capturing Closing the Gap Day and its vibrant atmosphere.

In this video, hear from Sageran Naidoo, CEO of Sonder and Pheonix James, CEO of Nunkuwarrin Yunti, about the collective responsibility shared between both organisations in closing the inequality gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Discover why exhibitors like RDNS Silverchain choose to participate year after year in this impactful event.

Additionally, hear from community members about what Closing the Gap Day means to them.

Enjoy the video!


About Edoardo Crismani

Edoardo Crismani is a proud Wiradjuri man. He is a writer, director, and filmmaker of eight national broadcast films and over thirty corporate and community films. To view more of Edoardo’s work, go to edoardofilms.com

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