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Celebrating milestones with Employment Solutions

The significance of engaging with Sonder’s Employment Solutions service

Last Friday, on the 12th of February, Sonder held a professionals breakfast to celebrate Employment Solutions, a free employment support service offered by Sonder for migrants and refugees.

The event was opened with an Acknowledgement of Kaurna Country, voiced in a collection of languages representing the diversity of Sonder’sworkforce, including – Swahili, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Cantonese and Tagalog.

Following the opening, both clients and stakeholders of the program were invited to share their touching stories and experiences. Special thanks to our clients Muhammad Aman Ullah and Mariam Turay and valued stakeholders Emily Korir, CEO at BET Group Global and Rebecca Miller from ParentsNext for their time and commitment

Muhammad shared a harrowing story of how his life was in danger after advocating for victims of persecution in Pakistan. He spoke of his journey fleeing with his family to Australia, and has connected with the Employment Solutions program with the aim to find work in social justice and human rights.

Mariam was emotional when she spoke of the support her Career Coach, Meg, had provided while accessing the service and the impact it had on her life.

“Meg helped me make my resume and find a job, which meant my children could have swimming lessons.”

Emily from BETGroup spoke of the importance of creating anti-racist cultures within workplaces and commended Sonder on the invaluable support provided to vulnerable individuals in the community.

Rebecca from ParentsNext explained the partnership between ParentsNext and Sonder’s Employment Solutions program is vital due to the specialised support provided for culturally and linguistically diverse community members and the seamless integration of mental health services.

To all who attended this event in-person or via video conference, we extend our thanks for supporting this service and believing in Sonder’s potential to continue changing the lives of migrants and refugees living in South Australia.


Why our community needs this service

Employment Solutions demonstrates the success of the Individual Placement & Support (IPS) model. Currently, there are no other organisations in Adelaide who employ vocational staff who are fully integrated with a mental health service.

With just 16 staff, the team have engaged with almost 400 people and have placed 299 migrants and refugees into meaningful work, in 20 months.

Regrettably, the funding for this invaluable program will cease at the end of June this year and we have been working with our employer partners and other stakeholders to find ways to ensure the prolongation of elements of the program – currently there are no other similar services to Employment Solutions available to the South Australian community.



Connect with Employment Solutions

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