Employment Solutions — Information for Employers


Employment support for migrants and refugees living in Adelaide’s northern and western suburbs.

Sonder Employment Solutions can help with your workforce needs

  • Voluntary clients — our clients are not mandated to attend our service. They choose to be involved because they are eager to work and contribute.
  • No Cost — we provide our employment services and support at no cost to you.
  • Job matching — we take time to understand your workplace needs so that we can introduce candidates who have the personal qualities and skills that are required for success.
  • On-going support — we will provide ongoing support to you and your new employee for as long as desired.

We'll find the best candidate to fit your business.

Who are refugees?
Who are migrants?
Who can work in Australia?
What are the benefits of employing a migrant or refugee?
Who are the clients in the Employment Solutions program?
How does my organisation get involved with this program?
How do I personally refer someone to this program?
Do you have a current employee that could benefit from improving their English skills?
How do I verify someone's visa details?

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