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Kyle finds work-life balance with headspace

Kyle finds work-life balance with headspace

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Kyle’s journey to employment wasn’t straightforward, marked by everyday battles with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Absorbing information during job training often left him feeling lost and overwhelmed, causing his anxiety to manifest in chest pains before starting a shift.

With experience in call centres, data entry and customer service, Kyle was eager to find work-life balance in a job where he could thrive.


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Working with Holly, Employment Specialist at headspace

Kyle’s determination led him to the headspace Work & Study program, where he found the support he needed to find employment.

When Kyle joined the program, he was initially interested in a variety of different career opportunities.

With support and guidance from Holly, Employment Specialist at headspace Edinburgh North, Kyle was able to realise his employment goal: To find enjoyable work that would keep him motivated, even on days that were tough on his ADHD, anxiety, and depression. He also now understood prioritising work-life balance would be the key to his career success.

Completing online career tests helped Kyle to decide what kinds of jobs would suit him best. Meanwhile, Holly helped Kyle redesign his cover letter and resume to ensure a strong application that showcased his experience.

Reflecting on his experience with the program, Kyle said,

Holly gave me the tools and confidence to explore new career paths.


Holly’s support leads Kyle to a new job opportunity

To ease Kyle’s anxiety, Holly offered to help Kyle apply for jobs by contacting employers on his behalf.

She approached a contact at Salisbury Council and advocated for Kyle and his skills. He was thrilled to be invited to interview for a concierge job and was successful!

With Holly’s established relationship with Kyle’s new employer, she was easily able to keep communication lines open. She could check his progress and offer support as needed. Holly provided extra assistance during Kyle’s onboarding and training process, ensuring a smooth job start. This included helping Kyle follow through with tasks and set reminders for important deadlines.


Kyle’s career progress improved his wellbeing

Thanks to Holly’s support and Kyle’s determination, he has now been offered a second job with Libraries SA. He is managing well to balance the two jobs, enjoying a change of pace and duties each week.

Kyle now has a more positive outlook on work and the fulfilment it can bring to life. He says,

With Holly’s help, I now have more confidence in my work and a nice work-life balance. This has helped me in some ways to get out of my own head.

Finding a work-life balance has positively impacted Kyle’s wellbeing. His parent can see the positive impact of the Work & Study program on Kyle’s anxiety and depression.

Kyle has been a lot happier since having Holly’s help. He enjoys his work and meeting new people every day. He has also been up to doing more outside of work.

Find work-life balance, today

If you need support and you’re aged between 12-25, headspace Edinburgh North and headspace Onkaparinga can help you find work-life balance.

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