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Breaking barriers: Achan’s story with headspace Work & Study

Breaking barriers: Achan’s story with headspace Work & Study

After completing a Bachelor of Communication & Media from University of South Australia, Achan faced the all-too-familiar challenge of finding her footing in the fiercely competitive creative arts sector. Amid setbacks, she took up casual roles in the aged care industry as a Support Worker and Personal Carer, but continued to yearn for a career that aligned with her passions.

Having struggled with anxiety, family pressures and self-isolating habits for years, Achan confided in a close friend who pointed her toward headspace for support. There, she received support for anxiety and shared her career aspirations with her worker, expressing a desire for change.

Achan was referred by her headspace worker to the headspace Work & Study program where she was connected with Employment Specialist, Holly.

What support did headspace provide?

Together, Achan and Holly explored different career options and Holly shared some exciting prospects – from Adelaide Fringe jobs to photography courses and acting classes.

Whilst exploring career pathways, Achan also engaged in group financial counselling through headspace, learning practical tools to effectively manage her finances.  

Achan’s short-term goal was to break free from the cycle of juggling multiple casual jobs with taxing hours. Through industry connections, Holly secured an interview for Achan with a reputable organisation in the disability services industry. Achan was successful in the interview process and accepted a position which was able to provide her with a stable income that meant she no longer had to balance multiple jobs. 

With newfound financial stability, armed with fresh practical skills for managing finances, Achan was able to gain independence and move out of her family home – a long-sought after goal.

What’s next for Achan?

Today, Achan is still connected with headspace Work & Study and receives support from Holly to ensure work is going well and to continue to build relevant skills and industry connections to help her to reach her long-term goal of a career in the creative arts.

Reflecting on her journey, Achan commented,

“With support from the headspace Work & Study program, I learned that with a bit of guidance, anything is possible. All you need to do is ask for help.”

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