In-Home Withdrawal Service

Do you want support to stop your drug and/OR alcohol use?

Would you like to do so in your own home?

The In-Home Withdrawal Service is for people wishing to undergo withdrawal (detox) from low to moderate levels of substance dependence in the comfort of their own home. 

Clients will be supported by a team that includes Senior Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Clinical Workers, and Peer Workers with the support of GPs overseeing the care. 

In addition to Sonder staff, clients will be supported by a family member or friend.

Program aims

  • Provide withdrawal for people wishing to stop alcohol and/or drug use in an atmosphere that is safe, familiar, and supportive; 
  • Provide withdrawal for people that are likely to experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms;
  • Provide continuity of care from pre-care to after-care. 

​Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the In-Home Withdrawal Service you must:

  • Be over the age of 30;
  • Have low-moderate levels of substance dependence and complexity;
  • Live in the Playford or Port Adelaide Enfield LGA;
  • Have a supportive emotional and social home environment;
  • Have a support person that will be living with you.


The pre-care stage will help you prepare and build readiness for the withdrawal stage.

In-home withdrawal

You will be monitored daily for the first five days (Monday to Friday) by a nurse. During this time you will have access to telephone support.


The focus of this stage is relapse prevention and goal maintenance. Clients will have access to 6 sessions (3 x weekly sessions and 3 x fortnightly sessions) as well as scheduled visits with their GP.

How to access the program

You can be referred into the program by:

  • Calling us on (08) 8209 0700;
  • Having your GP or other service provider complete and fax an In-Home Withdrawal Referral Form* to (08) 8252 9433.

*Please contact Sonder for a copy of the referral forms.

Your rights and responsibilities

Information about your rights and responsibilities are provided at the first appointment. This will include details about how we manage personal information.
You can also visit or call and talk to one of our friendly staff.

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