Adult Wellbeing

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Do you have a mental health concern?

Would you benefit from some support?

Adult Wellbeing is our largest mental health program and provides short term counselling with a mental health clinician. The program is for people aged 14 and over who experience mild to moderate mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety.

To access Adult Wellbeing, you need to be referred by your GP with a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP, see link at bottom). A MHTP provides you with up to 12 appointments with a mental health clinician at no cost to you. In exceptional circumstances, an extra 6 appointments are available after a review by your GP and mental health clinician. People from an Aboriginal or Torres StraIt Islander background have priority access to the Northern Wellbeing program, and are seen by mental health clinicians with cultural competency skills.

Appointments are generally offered at a number of locations including Edinburgh North, Port Adelaide, Modbury and a number of other colocations throughout the region. We also have a clinicians who co-locate at local Aboriginal Health Services, which enables an easy referral pathway and improves access to mental health service for people from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

Northern Wellbeing is funded by the Adelaide Primary Health Network-an Australian government initiative.