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Employment Solutions clients and employers share their stories

Celebrating International Migrants Day

(Friday 18 December 2020)


It has been 21 months since Sonder introduced Employment Solutions, a free employment support service for migrants and refugees who call South Australia home.

Together, the team has placed over 200 migrants and refugees into meaningful work. The team are still in touch with many of these clients and their employers, checking in frequently and prepared to help with any issues that may arise.

Hundreds of business owners have connected with Employment Solutions to find skilled employees who embody the beliefs and values of their businesses. James Chapman from The Food Centre says the support received from Sonder is excellent, “if one of their clients here is having some difficulty, it is great to be able to discuss that with Sonder and work it out.”


Thank you for engaging with Employment Solutions

Today, on International Migrants Day, Sonder would like to say thank you to the migrants and refugees who have been a part of this journey and shared their stories of gaining employment.

To the employers who strive for inclusive and diverse workplaces, thank you for all of your support and promoting optimism within clients’ lives.


Providing a holistic service

Vaneshree, Employment Solutions client, explains how “many migrants feel getting a job is the start to settling into new life in Australia and feel under pressure when this is not happening.” Although this may be one common factor among migrant and refugee communities, it is clear the barriers to finding employment are unique for each individual.

The resource below provides a good insight into a range of experiences and cements why a personalised support service is so important for building trust and hope. While being knocked back from work opportunities reduces confidence in one’s own abilities, Employment Solutions aims to restore self-esteem and independence.

Sonder’s team of Career Coaches have taken on mentoring roles and advocated for career opportunities where there seemed little hope at the time, and Wellbeing Coaches have helped to relieve feelings of isolation that come with the migration experience as well as the burdens of unemployment.

Sonder’s Employment Solutions Program

At Sonder, we strive for a just, fair and inclusive society where we work alongside our clients to develop their potential to live lives of full citizenship.


Are you a migrant or refugee looking for work?

Find out if you are eligible for Employment Solutions by completing the online referral form or by calling Sonder on (08) 8209 0700.

More information about Employment Solutions is available here.


Are you looking for employees?

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