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headspace Employment Support

Are you under 25 and wanting to work?

headspace Edinburgh North can help.

Edinburgh North Employment Support is an entirely voluntary service and is not connected to Centrelink Job Service Providers. 

We have two employment specialists who will provide employment assistance tailored to your needs. The employment specialist will guide you along the entire journey both before and after you gain employment. 

Throughout this process the employment specialist can help you in a number of ways including:

•    Complete a vocational assessment to identify the jobs you would like to do;
•     Help with writing resumes and cover letters;
•     Assist you to prepare for interviews and starting work;
•     Speaking to employers to identify job opportunities
•     Assistance with managing the requirements of Centrelink and Job Service Providers;
•     Once employed we can speak to your employer to troubleshoot any challenges that arise;
•     We can work with your mental health clinician to ensure you receive the best and most coordinated support;
•     We can also continue to support you for as long asyou want after finding employment.

What kind of work you do and how much support you receive is entirely up to you!

Making a referral

All you need to do is speak to your mental health clinician or youth worker and let them know you want help looking for work. Then they will make a referral on your behalf and an employment specialist will contact you to arrange a first appointment.

For further information, download the headspace Employment Support Brochure

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