e-Mental Health

Accessing mental health services and information online can ensure individuals who experience a mental condition can obtain support in a timely, low-cost and flexible way. "e-Mental Health" refers to electronic mental health care, services and information delivered through the internet and other related technologies.
e-Mental Health can serve as a preliminary self-help intervention option for people who believe they are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental illness. The programs we have recommended have been researched, developed and tested in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of e-Mental Health programs?
e-Mental Health programs have been proven effective in the treatment and management of mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Some e-Mental Health programs also provide print outs and reports which you can look back on, or use to discuss with your GP or mental health professional
Who are e-Mental health programs for?
e-Mental Health programs are for anyone, of any age, living in any part of Australia, at any stage of treatment for mild to moderate depression or anxiety.
How long do e-Mental Health programs take?​
e-Mental Health programs can be progressed through at a speed that is comfortable for you.
How much will it cost?
Most e-Mental Health programs are free of charge. Some offer a free trial version with a minimal cost charged to access the full program.
What computer skills will I need?
e-Mental Health programs are easy to access and simple to use. Most require no particular expertise.

Top tips for working with e-Mental Health

  1. Act now and log on – there’s no better time to start
  2. Choose a regular time and day to log onto the program and to do the homework
  3. Choose a time and space where you will not be interrupted and you will be able to concentrate
  4. Take advantage of the downloadable sections of the program so you can easily revise the things you have learnt
  5. Don’t forget to do the homework exercises – they are an important way to make the lessons “stick”
  6. Check in now and again with your GP
  7. These tools are always there for you, so keep an eye on what works for you and what doesn’t. This was you can get the help that best suits you
e-Mental Health Treatment Programs
myCompass І www.mycompass.org.au 
An interactive self-help service that aims to promote resilience and wellbeing for all Australians.
MoodGYM І www.moodgym.anu.edu.au 
A free self-help program rto teach CBT skills to people vulnerable to depression and anxiety.
THIS WAY UP І www.thiswayup.org.au 
Using CBT principles, THIS WAY UP offers proven online courses for Depression, GAD, and Anxiety.
On Track І www.ontrack.org.au 
Free access to online programs, information, quizzes and advice to support the Australian community in achieving mental and physical health and wellbeing.
e-couch І www.ecouch.anu.edu.au 
A CBT and IPT based self-help interactive program with modules for depression, GAD & worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss and grief.
MindSpot І www.mindspot.org.au 
Educational and practical exercises with regular contact with a MindSpot therapist, allowing help to be obtained in a discreet, effective way.
Mental Health Online І www.mentalhealthonline.org.au 
Self-guided or therapist assistant programs for panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, GAD, OCD, PTSD, depression and insomnia
Useful Search Portals and Websites
An online mental and physical health information portal that is free to access.
Mindhealthconnect І www.mindhealthconnect.org.au
A free online portal to find information about mental health resources that really work.
Provides information about depression and its treatment, as well as resources for young people.
Resources for Young People
eHeadspace І www.eheadspace.org.au
A confidential, free, anonymous, secure space where 15-25 year olds can chat, email or speak with qualified youth mental health professionals.
BITE BACK І www.biteback.org.au
An ever-changing space which aims to improve the wellbeing and mental fitness of 12-18 year olds, based on the principles of positive psychology.
ReachOut І www.reachout.com
A mental health website for people under 25.
Youth Beyond Blue l www.youthbeyondblue.com
Mental health education and links to phone support for 12-25 year olds.