Perinatal Wellbeing

No cost therapeutic counselling for new and expecting mothers

Are you a new or expecting mother? Do you have increased levels of stress, worry or sadness?

Having a new baby can be thrilling and rewarding, but at times it can be difficult and stressful.

Many changes can happen to a woman when she is pregnant and after she gives birth. These changes can leave new mothers feeling sad, anxious or overwhelmed. For many women, these feelings go away, but when they persist or get worse, it is important to seek help.

Perinatal depression affects one in ten women during pregnancy, and one in six women in the first year after the birth.

Our Perinatal Wellbeing program provides no cost counselling services for new and expecting mothers who are experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns.

Our Clinicians will work with you to develop new strategies to manage those symptoms, so you can begin to make changes in your life and improve your wellbeing.

What do we offer?

  • Regular, flexible appointments

    Appointments are every fortnight and last for an hour. You will see the same clinician each time.

  • Highly trained Clinicians

    Clinicians will assess your needs and then use proven techniques to help you manage your symptoms.

  • Safe, confidential & friendly environment

    Our friendly Clinicians will provide you safe, confidential and
    judgement-free treatment.

  • No cost

    Mental health services are free at Sonder.

When do I need help?

If you are a new or expecting mother and experience the following signs and symptoms, seeking help is recommended.

  • Feeling moody, irritable and restless;
  • Feeling sad, hopeless, and overwhelmed;
  • Crying excessively;
  • Having no energy or motivation;
  • Eating too little or too much;
  • Sleeping too little or too much;
  • Having trouble focusing or making decisions;
  • Having memory problems;
  • Feeling worthless and guilty;
  • Losing interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy;
  • Lack of interest in the baby, friends and family;
  • Having headaches, aches and pains, or stomach problems that don’t go away.

Accessing this service

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for Perinatal Wellbeing, you must:

  • Be aged 14 years or over;
  • Be in the perinatal period (pregnant or up to 2 years post-giving birth);
  • Be experiencing symptoms of peri/postnatal depression or anxiety;
  • Live in the council areas of Playford, Salisbury, Tea Tree Gully, Port Adelaide Enfield or Charles Sturt and;
  • Have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Who are the Perinatal Wellbeing staff?

The Perinatal Wellbeing staff are Mental Health Clinicians, including Psychologists, Mental Health Accredited Social Workers and Mental Health Nurses who are highly skilled in counselling new and expecting mothers.

How do I access the service?

To get started with Perinatal Wellbeing, you’ll need to visit your GP and request a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

To find out how to get a Mental Health Treatment Plan, check out our webpage:

Getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan

Alternatively, you can be referred by a Maternal or Child Health Nurse, Midwife or Obstetrician via our Community Referral Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for GPs

To refer a patient to this service, please download the Mental Health Treatment Plan, complete and fax to the Central Referral Unit on 1300 580 249

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Our recovery-focused approach

We support people living with mental health concerns to improve their wellbeing, live independently and pursue a life with meaning, hope and purpose.

We do this through:

  • Respecting your values, treatment and support preferences.
  • Focusing on and amplifying your strengths.
  • Supporting you to develop and reach personal goals and ambitions.
  • Helping you to develop self-management skills.
Young girl receiving delivering counselling

Our comprehensive mental health service

Sonder provides a wide variety of mental health services for people with all types of support needs.

Following an assessment, our team work in partnership to connect you with the right service.

Clients can access care aligned to their individual needs and can easily move between programs to suit their changing support needs.

Sonder is focused on integration with the broader health care system. Where necessary, we support clients to refer to services outside of Sonder to ensure their needs are fully met.

Learn more about Sonder

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For Mental Health Emergencies Call 000

If you, or someone you are with, are hurt or need immediate support, please call 000.

Mental Health Emergencies

This service is supported by funding from the Adelaide Primary Health Network through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.