Focused Mind

Learn new skills to manage your depression, anxiety or stress in just 6 short weeks, over the phone

Need help to manage your depression, anxiety or stress?

Focused Mind is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, an evidence-based treatment recommended for people experiencing depression, anxiety or stress.

Our Focused Mind program is goal-focused, short in duration (6 weeks) and provided over the phone.

Our skilled Mental Health Practitioners will work with you to set goals and develop new strategies to manage your symptoms. They’ll also provide you with access to resources to record your progress and use in the future.

What do we offer?

  • Goal-focused treatment

    Set goals and learn new strategies to manage your depression or anxiety

  • Phone-based appointments

    Appointments are 30 minutes in duration, making it easier to
    access during work or study

  • Specifically trained Mental Health Practitioners

    Specialised in delivering this type of treatment

  • No cost

    Mental health services are free at Sonder

Accessing this service

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Live in the council areas of Playford, Salisbury, Tea Tree Gully, Port Adelaide Enfield or Charles Sturt;
  • Be aged 18 years or over;
  • Be experiencing mild-moderate depression, anxiety or stress and;
  • Be seeking practical treatment to manage your symptoms.

Who are the staff?

Focused Mind staff are Mental Health Practitioners who are specifically trained in delivery in this type of treatment.

Our staff will ensure you receive the most appropriate service to meet your needs.

How do I access the service?

Simply call the team at Sonder on (08) 8209 0700 and they will guide you through the referral process.

You can also be referred by your GP by visiting and requesting a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Click here to find out how to get a Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for GPs

To refer a patient to this service, please complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan and send to the Head to Health Phone Service through Secure Messaging via HealthLink (EDI: adphncru).

Due to program restrictions, Sonder clinicians are not able to provide medicolegal reports or assessments.

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Our recovery-focused approach

We support people living with mental health concerns to improve their wellbeing, live independently and pursue a life with meaning, hope and purpose.

We do this through:

  • Respecting your values, treatment and support preferences.
  • Focusing on and amplifying your strengths.
  • Supporting you to develop and reach personal goals and ambitions.
  • Helping you to develop self-management skills.
Young girl receiving delivering counselling

For Mental Health Emergencies Call 000

If you, or someone you are with, are hurt or need immediate support, please call 000.

Mental Health Emergencies

This service is supported by funding from the Adelaide Primary Health Network through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.