Southern Region GP Council

The Southern Region GP Council is a constituted network of Sonder that provides a forum for GPs in the southern region to raise issues that affect General Practice and its ability to provide effective primary health care in the community.

The committee provides GP input, advocacy and linkage into and across other health care organisations (National, State, Local Government and Non-Government). The committee also ensure there is adequate GP representation on various panels and committees, acting as the conduit for GPs across the region.

The SRGPC Committee has 8 members who represent a broad range of expertise and interests across General Practice. The committee consists of three members representing the inner south, three members deep south and two representing the centre, south of the Torrens River.   

All GPs south of the Torrens River are automatically members of the Southern Region GP Council (SRGPC), unless they choose to opt out.

The GP representatives that make up the SRGPC consist of:

  • Dr Navtej Sandhu (Chair)

  • Dr Helen Parry

  • Dr Richard Reed

  • Dr Martin Davey

  • Dr Kin Lau

  • Dr Timothy Chew

Should you wish to get in contact with one of the GP representatives of the SRGPC or for any other enquiries relating to the SRGPC please contact Sonder Executive Assistant, Emma Bails at