Individual Placement Support

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Sonder is successfully delivering the Individual Placement Support (IPS) model in different vulnerable communities in Adelaide, South Australia, with outstanding results.

Sonder’s wealth of experience understanding communities’ needs and delivering mental health services has been critical to the successful delivery of the IPS model.

What does the local employment landscape look like in South Australia?

  • Over a number of years SA has had some of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
  • Currently, there are no other organisations in Adelaide who employ vocational staff who are fully integrated with their mental health services.

Our purpose

At Sonder we believe in improving our clients’ journey through providing integrated and coordinated care to ensure clients get the right service at the right time.

Sonder has a solid reputation for the provision of high quality, evidence based clinical psychological therapy services that are relevant to the complex needs of the local community.

Sonder’s wealth of expertise and institutional knowledge allow us to assist vulnerable communities overcome varied and complex barriers to employment.

Over decades Sonder has developed internal systems and linkages with other services that assist clients to manage and overcome a range of challenges including mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, physical illness, homelessness, family conflict and educational difficulties.

Sonder's employment programs are based on a successful evidence – based model known as Individual Placement Support (IPS) which has been implemented in Australia and internationally with outstanding results.

What is Individual Placement and Support?
What is the evidence?
What makes IPS different?
Potential for innovation
How does Sonder deliver IPS?