Country Wellbeing

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Do you have a mental health concern?

Would you benefit from some support?

The Country Wellbeing program aims to improve access to quality primary mental health services within the Gawler/Barossa region. The program provides free of charge counselling services to clients in the community with mild to moderate mental health conditions.A maximum of 12 counselling sessions are available per calendar year. The first 6 sessions are accessible upon receipt of a Mental Health Treatment Plan. 

A further 6 sessions are only available after a mental health review by your referring GP. Appointments are generally offered at a number of locations including Nurioopta, Evanston, Kapunda and Angaston. A limited number of after hours appointments are also available. 

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for Country Wellbeing you must:

  • Be aged 14 years or over;
  • Live within the Gawler/Barossa region;
  • Have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan;
  • Have a clinical diagnosis of a mental health concern and would benefit from short termed focused psychological intervention.

Who are the Country Wellbeing staff?

Counselling sessions are delivered by mental health clinicians who are experienced and qualified psychologists and social workers. They are specialised in providing clinical therapy for a variety of mental health conditions.
Our team ensures that clients receive the most appropriate focussed psychological strategies to meet their needs.

How to access the program

You can access the program via your GP who needs to complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan. A Mental Health Treatment Plan is a plan made by you and your GP to treat a mental health condition.
The steps to getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan include:

  1. Make an appointment to see your GP. When making a time to see your GP explain to the receiptionist that you need to make a longer appointment because you want to discuss getting a Mental Health Treatment Plan.
  2. When you see your GP, they will assess whether a Mental Health Treatment Plan is suitable for your needs and discuss potential referral treatment options, and what actions you need to take.
  3. Once you have your Mental Health Treatment Plan it will be sent by your GP to our service, Sonder. 
  4. Our mental health staff will contact you to discuss your referral, assess your level of need and plan the appropriate treatment option.

Your rights and responsibilities

Information about your rights and responsibilities are provided at the first appointment. This will include details about how we manage personal information.
You can also visit or call and talk to one of our friendly staff.

Exclusion Criteria

Country Wellbeing is not an Emergency Service or crisis service. For emergencies contact Mental Health Triage by phoning 13 14 65.

Due to program restrictions, Country Wellbeing clinicians are not mandated to provide medico legal reports for any workers’ compensation, family court or other legal matters.

Sonder gratefully acknowledges the financial and other support from Country SA PHN and the Australian Government Department of Health.

Download Program Brochure (PDF)

Download Your Privacy and Consent Brochure

Download Carer Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Download Form for Mental Health Treatment Plan (PDF)