Allied Health Solutions

Sonder has been selected by the Country SA PHN to deliver the Allied Health Solutions (IPHCS) program across the Southern Yorke Peninsula LGA.

Allied Health Solutions focuses on providing allied health services to people living with a chronic medical condition, or those at risk of developing a chronic disease.

Sonder has a diverse network of allied health practitioners including:

  • Diabetes Educator
  • Dietician
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist 
  • Podiatrist

Allied Health Solutions will offer services in Ardrossan, Maitland, Minlaton and Yorketown.

Program objectives

  • Promote a coordinated, team-based approach to patient care;
  • Increase access to specialist nursing and allied health services for people in rural communities who are considered disadvantaged and/or vulnerable;
  • Improve the flow of information between the patient’s primary health care team, allied health and specialist nursing services;
  • Enhance patient capacity to self-manage their chronic disease.

Care coordination

The Allied Health Solutions’ Care Coordinator will work in consultation with the patient’s GP and Primary Health Care Team to support patients to access the services they need to treat their chronic medical condition. 

This includes providing feedback to the patient’s GP regarding services that have been arranged for the patient.

Patient eligibility

Access to Allied Health Solutions is via a referral completed by the patient’s GP.

Patients are eligible for referral into the program if they are:

  • at risk of developing a chronic disease and require services to prevent future illness; 
  • or are living with a chronic medical condition and require services to prevent complications developing from their disease.

Allied Health Solutions Contribution

Patients at risk of developing a chronic condition can access free allied health sessions, however terms and conditions will apply.

For patients who have a current Care Plan and have exceeded 5 sessions with an Allied Health Professional, additional free sessions may be provided to allow for the continuation of a Care Plan.

How to refer patients

GPs are required to complete the Allied Health Solutions Referral Form and fax the completed form to Sonder on (08) 8252 9433 or email to

For patients that have a current Care Plan, the referring GP must attach a copy of the CDM form (CDAH-I 0510).

The Allied Health Solutions’ Care Coordinator will then work with the GP to coordinate initial appointments with the specialist nurse, or allied health provider identified on the referral.

Participating General Practices

Medical HQ Ardrossan
10 Second Street, Ardrossan SA 5571
Phone: (08) 8837 3837

Medical HQ Maitland
69 Robert Street, Maitland SA 5573
Phone: (08) 8832 2185

Minlaton Medical Centre
7 South Terrace, Minlaton SA 5575
Phone: (08) 8853 2001

Yorketown Medical Practice
21 Waterloo Bay Road, Yorketown SA 5576
Phone: (08) 8852 1002

Need further info?

For further information or to discuss patient eligibility, please contact Sonder and ask to speak with the Allied Health Solutions Care Coordinator on (08) 8209 0700.