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Newsletter Sponsorship 

Articles from public health care providers and health related organisations are encouraged to be submitted to the Northern Adelaide Your Local Health News. Advertorials from private or commercial businesses are not encouraged, however, informative and targeted articles about specific clinical or health issues submitted will be considered.

Sponsorship packages are available from the printed editions of our newsletter on a quaterly basis, contact to find out more.

The latest and past editions of our e-newsletter can be viewed on the e-Newsletter page.

Mailing Lists

Due to regulation restriction, Sonder is prohibited to provide any information withheld in our database to any third party organisations or individual without the consent of the relevant person(s). Individuals or organisations seeking to obtain a mailing list from Sonder are advised to utilise the National Health Service Directory search engine (a customised module is available on our homepage), or seek help from the relevant authorities. Alternatively, we can disseminate certain content on behalf of a requesting party to our subscriber(s), through either electronic means (such as our e-newsletter) or via the post, given the content is appropriate and suitable for the targeted audience(s). We reserve the right to refuse such request should it contravenes with relevant laws and policies.

Education & Events

We offer free of charge promotional assistance to external health-related events and activities in the Education & Events section of our e-newsletter (read more), and/or in our monthly Sonder Education Snapshot, an email summary of upcoming events and activities from Sonder and a number of external organisations. To submit education content to our communications, simply email our communications team the following information:
  • Event Topic
  • Date & time of the event
  • Event venue location
  • Event cost (if any)
  • Further information about the event (i.e. a web link or flyer in PDF format)
  • Enquiry and registration contact details
We will confirm the release date of the communication within two business days after the information is received.

Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities provided by a third party organisation are included in Sonder Newsletter. Advertising general practice job vacancies is free for practices within Sonder region whilst a small charge applies for other organisations. Please contact us for more information.

Promotional Materials

We can help arrange your promotional materials from design through to production and distribution. Some examples of the works we can produce include:
  • Brochures, flyers, info sheets
  • Booklets, directories
  • Pull-up banners, table cloth, a-frame and other signs
  • Mouse pads, calendar, pens
  • Vouchers, Tickets
  • Branding design (logos, brand graphics, slogan etc)