Active Living


Being active can be difficult, but with consistent effort, you may be surprised to discover what you can achieve! Follow these tips to get a head start.

Keeping Track of Your Activities

  • Keep a logbook of activities and tally the score at the end of the day (Get everyone at home/work involved!). Use this simple activity score sheet here to help you along.

  • You can also use the family activity tracker from the Heart Foundation's Active Families website to encourage your family to get active together.

Be Active at Home

  • Limit your screentime at home by removing eletronics/TV time after a certain number of hours.

  • Give your children other options such as hula hoops, skipping ropes and board games for the family at home.

  • Keep your children active by involving them in household chores like washing the car, and vacuum the house.

  • Set up a garden at home, assign each family to a plant and put them in charge of the gardening

Be Active When You Go Out

  • Go for a walk/jog at your local parklands – join a walking group here

  • Try to walk to the shops instead of driving. If you do drive, try to park your car further away so you walk part of the way

Get Involved

  • Find an activity that may interest you in our Health Promotion Calendar

  • Australian Men's Shed Association – Join a men's shed "Find a Shed"

  • Our local councils also provide healthy living programs which are filled with engaging activities – visit their website for more info!


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